Social responsibility

Güven Plus Group has corporate social responsibility, is aware of the responsibilities a company has in the field it operates, and has a corporate identity shaped around a conservative understanding. It adopts a management mentality that respects common sense and stands firm for social beliefs and values, in particular for cultural values. With its efficient structure and competence in teamwork, it exerts continuous efforts to produce sustainable projects, gives particular importance to corporate values and management systems, and also provides support to other partner enterprises and agencies for them to act on the same values and judgments.

Güven Plus Group, which cares about preferences of clients and customers as well as protecting the natural environment, continues its business life without making concessions on fundamental rights and freedoms of personnel particularly. Sticking to social values and all employees, particularly clients, Güven Plus Group makes investments that will protect interests and rights of the partners. It makes a point of realizing all works necessary for making profits of all clients as well as business and entities it serves permanent and for increasing activities and welfare level of clients on their behalf. Güven Plus Group hosts all social activities in order to raise awareness of individuals in the society and to create the most benefit from education, health, security and artistic activities. Also it ensures that businesses and entities it provides service on this issue will participate.

Güven Plus Group gives importance to provide necessary support and contribution by means of keeping social values of the country at the highest level and participating in the social responsibility project works actively. International quality management system with the structure of adopting ISO 9001 Management Standard creates working sites in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environment Management Standards and cares for protecting natural environment of our country.

Güven Plus Group considers individuals recognized as children in our legal system as trainee not as personnel and develops different activities and projects for developing socially and individually important and valuable individuals, training them and reintroducing them to the society. Furthermore, it realizes these projects with leading specialized professional project partners that have international academic and scientific identities.

Güven Plus Group gives importance to the work safety and employee health, continues its works within the framework of social responsibility in the matter of adopting practices and works for ensuring that all employees work in a working environment in conformity with international work safety standards, and tries to plant this consciousness in clients, businesses and entities it serves. We participate in all works of educated, healthy, productive businesses, entities and individuals that have the territorial and individual added value belief for creating an exemplary model to world societies, in particular to our country. Moreover, it acts and works actively on the subject of realizing international symposium, congress and scientific works on this issue.

“SAI” provides support to all kinds of works for having the understanding of responsibility in the EU norms, acting with research and innovation conscious, and creating an international value system by means of acting with an environmental sensitivity. We give importance and support to works for creating values regarding social and international stakeholder participation, civil society partnership and participation of the industry. We acts in all working areas with especially social and cultural values and the understanding of respect to international human rights, defending gender equality, ethics, open access, and transparency in management systems. Accordingly, we participate in all kinds of social activities for increasing knowledge level and efficiency of clients, businesses and entities we serve in terms of social responsibility. Also, we provide professional support to clients and businesses and entities we serve in terms of producing projects for activating their ineffective sides in this field and as well as realizing these projects.

Güven Plus Group takes part in and supports social and cultural values at international level, actively participates in all kinds of activities and produces projects with its employees, partners and clients in particular, by acknowledging the importance of social responsibility projects. Below is a list of completed or on-going social responsibility projects related activities.


  • Conscious Reproduction and Conscious Sexual Health
  • Different Dimensions of Violence and Social Perception
  • Entrepreneurship School
  • Future Belongs to Children
  • Financial Literacy
  • I was Young Once
  • I Am Too Young, I Can’t Tell You Everything
  • I Know My Rights and Care about Human Rights
  • Invitation for Action, Health is Wealth
  • I Survived the Cancer Because I Diagnosed Early
  • I Read, I Learn and I Improve Consciously
  • I Care about Social Values
  • I Believe the Importance of Education
  • I Live a Healthy Life I Protect My Environment
  • Let’s Overcome the Problems Together
  • Let’s Protect Our Artistic and Cultural Values
  • No to All Kinds of Violence
  • Parenthood School
  • Sports for Healthy Future
  • You Can Be a Disabled Person