Güven Car Wash System

It is a kind of service offered within the body of Güven Plus Group regarding auto care and cleaning. This group service acting with a mentality of franchising service creates new enterprises by supporting the entrepreneurs who think in accordance with the service mentality in this field and want to invest and work commercially. It is our comprehensive type of service concerning complete programming of the system with CE certified products, their design, providing the necessary support to the shareholders in selection of place, creating advertisement, brochure, printing, web and education services and presenting them to the relevant staff in a professional way and meeting all kinds of commercial needs. Car Wash System constitutes a branded service product and a study directed to the individual or corporate structure desiring to operate in business administration in Turkey is conducted. The relations of the entrepreneurs desiring to work at Micro and Macro level with such agencies as Kosgeb, Tübitak and Development agency are conducted by expert staff.