About us

Doğuş ONUR
General Manager

Güven Plus Group Inc. is a corporate family-owned company that started to operate in Textile and Manufacturing sector. Güven Plus Group having comprehensive knowledge of the problems of enterprises in manufacturing and service sector actively entered into the business life in 2010 with an international corporate identity operating in the field of solution partnership and counselling. Güven Plus Group Inc. operating in the field of manufacturing and international marketing before the year 2010 has an aggregate structure with the sense of corporate and strategic management. Güven Plus Group Inc. first produces solutions for the problems of our country’s companies and personal counselees through its knowledge and experience coming from the past and it develops solution offers for all kinds of needs of multi-national enterprises and foreign companies regarding their structuring. Güven Plus Group Inc. acts in accordance with the sense of constant service to the sector actors and individual counselees ranking in the range of all services it offers; it aims to resolve current and future obstacles together thanks to the principle of persistency, its own innovation skill and practical solution offers developed. Güven Plus Group Inc. acting with the belief of coalition answers the needs of enterprises and institutions in the area of management, economy, business, finance, law, preparation of national and international contracts, revision of financial process, preparation of reports, advertising, publicity, brand, quality management, employment, marketing, social responsibility, communication, human resources, performance, manufacturing, market research, investment, infrastructure works, software services, R&D and analysis. Güven Plus Group Inc. provides solution offers for its counselees with its expert staff in their field and having the command of market management, the external support received and mutual studies conducted with academic, scientific, technology, private and public institutions and universities and it creates benefit for the profitability of institutions and enterprises. Güven Plus Group Inc. is enterprise acting in line with the principles of confidentiality and social transparency, caring for the cultural and universal values and getting into action with a permanent and progressive mentality. Güven Plus Group Inc. operates with its two different “Personal” and “Corporate” identities. Concerning personal solutions, it acts together with its other partner institutions and renders service together with different corporate solution partners in the matter of corporate solutions. Güven Plus Group Inc. is a global and corporate identity acting with the mentality of having a principled approach towards country’s development and cultural values and operating with the universal, social and environmental sense towards its shareholders, staff and the society. Güven Plus Group Inc. making no concessions on the rules and norms of the international law continues to make contribution for its counselees through its studies being a leader in the field of counseling, creating a brand value and presenting a model corporate identity. It creates benefit for its counselees by ensuring the service contract in every point needed by today’s companies and institutions. Güven Plus Group Inc. acting together with many institutions in public and private sector will continue to provide value for its counselees by creating permanent projects for the future.