Güven Publishing

Güven Plus Group Inc. has a history of 70 years as "Publishing". As of 2016, it continues its publishing and printing activities as a sub-brand of Güven Plus Group Counselling Inc. Güven Publishing has ISO certificates of 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 27001:2013, 45001:2018, 10002:2018, 50001:2018 and 31000:2018. In addition, Güven Publishing is a registered trademark and acts as a sub-brand of Güven Plus Group Counselling Inc. All of the national and international scientific books published by Güven Publishing are scanned and monitored by libraries especially the national library in nearly 50 different countries around the world. Güven Publishing is in the category of international publishing house with the document issued by the Ministry of Culture No: 37666426-207.01[207.02.02]-E.62175 Date: 21.01.2019. National and international scientific books published by Güven Publishing under the topic of "Open Access" can be downloaded from the website of Güven Plus Group Inc. Güven Publishing also has four international refereed scientific journals. These journals publish in the fields of Health, Engineering, Science, Architecture and Design, and Social and Human Sciences. All of the journals are trademark registered and have ISO certificates in different fields and subjects. All of these journals incorporated under Güven Publishing rank among refereed and international indexes. The journals named “International Refereed Academic Journal of Sports, Health and Medical Sciences with ISSN:2146-8508 ONLINE ISSN:2147-1711”, “International Refereed Journal of Design and Architecture with ISSN:2148-4880 ONLINE ISSN:2148-8142”, “International Refereed Journal of Humanities and Education with ISSN:2147-4168 ONLINE ISSN:2147-5385” and “International Refereed Journal of Engineering and Sciences with ISSN:2148-4783 ONLINE ISSN:2149-2484” continue to be published. All four journals continuing their publication life under Güven Publishing are "Open Access" and the articles published in pdf format can be downloaded from the journal's own website. In addition, all the published articles in the relevant issues can be accessed.