Financial Analysis and Investment Consultancy Services

Financial Analysis and Investment Consultancy Services

Güven plus group renders service and assists its clients under the following titles. It provides all kind of expert and academic support for its clients in the issue of finance depending on the market conditions and therefore, enterprises and organizations become more powerful. Supports are provided mainly by specialist financial consultants as well as legal experts and academicians for the needed issues.

Some services are preparing international commercial agreements, conducting market researches and analyses for investment, pre-sale examinations and statistical studies, risk analyses and financial analyses.

Moreover, we also render services in the issues such as letters of guarantee, pre-interviews, check-in services, market research and activating services regarding presentation of the products to the related establishment and consumer.

Financial Consultancy Services

  • Developing Financial Management Strategies
  • Financial Structure Analysis and Restructuring
  • Company Merging and International Company Merging
  • EU Grant Programs, EU Investments, World Bank, KOSGEB, TUBITAK and Development Agencies
  • Raising of Capital and Fieldworks
  • Financial and Institutional Risk Analyses
  • International and National Loan Services
  • Promotion, Brand, Patent and Company Valuation Services


Investment Consultancy Services

  • Economic Analysis for the Enterprise and Organization
  • International Strategic Structuring and Financing Partnership
  • Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Real Estate Researches and Reporting
  • Analyzing Assets and Liabilities
  • Balance Sheet Analyses
  • Profit and Loss Analyses, Feasibility Studies
  • Preparing and Project Designing of Feasibility Reports for Investment
  • Sector and Market Analysis
  • Product and Stock Analysis
  • Resource Examination, Finance Modelling and Resource Management