Fair and Congress Organizations

Güven plus group has been active regarding the organization of congresses and fairs in different matters and contents nearly for 10 years. It provides professional sponsorship for all kinds of work and needs of congress organizations held in various disciplines and areas. It has held a total of 72 congress organizations including the year 2016 up until now and hosted national and international organizations. Our institution being highly experienced and having a structure that values the quality in congress organization continues to render qualified and professional services in such fields as promotion of the products of national and international companies, preparation of fair stands, providing hostess, host, model, translator and catering services.

The projects are produced in accordance with the current studies of relevant companies regarding fair stands and the needs are met in the most rapid and effective manner. We never compromise on quality and comfort in this matter.

We are glad and honored to stand by you in making a different fairground having a design that creates awareness among others for your company in international organizations and highlighting your corporate identity and in all other details.

Güven plus group provides service and creates benefit with its tailor-made designs according to the sector or the situation that requires service in the organizations of fair or congress.

Our professional support services concerning where and how the organizations and congresses you would like to hold will be performed, accommodation, transportation, trips, cultural visits and preparation of the content of these organizations in general terms continue.

You should only create the scientific content of the congress in these organizations. All other works will be made by our skilled staff and team on behalf of you. Connecting and meeting with sponsors on behalf of you, arrangement of meeting place, directing the catch-up works regarding the organization to the relevant individuals or institutions, announcement of notices, conducting the website works, performing bank and finance studies and carrying out their referral and management procedures, making national or international official agreements on behalf of you are performed.

All kinds of your needs are quickly met by our presentable and gracious team being ready to appear in national and international organizations mainly, fairs, congresses, promotions and launches. Our purpose and target is to contribute to the solution of your problems and needs without compromising on quality.

We rapidly answer your needs and create solution offers for your problems with our translators and interpreters in different world languages you need. Your translator or interpreter needs can be at corporate or personal level. It is only required to state your need in this manner.

We satisfy your needs for healthy, delicious and qualified foods and beverages in all kinds of organizations and meetings. It is sufficient for you to inform us concerning the product and service expectations you need. We quickly put catering services at your disposal suitable for our own concepts or your special concepts. We continue to revive your organizations and meetings with the most magnificent presentations mainly from Turkish cuisine and other world cuisines.