Corporate Sports Coaching

Corporate Sports Coaching

All employees of the organization receive counseling services that may be effective in increasing organizational climate and organizational commitment and increases the satisfaction of employees and labor force. We are here to get rid of the sedentary lifestyle and to live a healthier, more productive, happier life without any stress.

  • Sports Coaching for Staff

Sports activities held with the appropriate plans and programs are prepared in company with expert sports coaches in order to increase the organizational commitment and motivation of employees, to guide them away daily stress, to make them feel better, to increase occupational efficiency and to minimize lack of movement and orthopedic problems of white-collar workers.

  • Sports Coaching for Managers

Sports activities are held by sports coaches for senior executives and all other manager positions with the purpose of removing workload and stress, bringing them positive energy, facilitating change, making contribution to the processes of decision-making and application, increasing job satisfaction and creating a better image.