Corporate Educational Counseling

Corporate Educational Counseling

We offer all kinds of training support for enterprises and institutions. Güven Plus Group Inc. provide professional support in the subjects of investment, management, marketing, psychology, strategy, R&D, quality management and communication.

  • Agencies of National Educational Institutions

Concerning international education, Güven Plus Group gets in contact with foreign education institutions on behalf of its counselees and conduct necessary procedures on their behalf. We act by collecting information about the relevant educational institutions, analyzing and reporting them and provide our counselees with the advantage and chance of comparing. Güven Plus Group also provides support regarding registration to foreign educational institutions, accommodation, scholarship and transportation and facilitates the work of its counselees

  • Human Resources Education by Departments

It is a kind of support provided in order to make human resources department of enterprises and institutions active and efficient. With its expert personnel and staff, Güven Plus Group helps the staff of human resources departments be more professional in evaluation and reporting. It also contributes concerning marketing, production, engineering, R&D, advertisement, financing, public relations and training programs prepared for department managers and other staff.