Corporate Management Counseling

Corporate Management Counseling

We offer managerial support and training for the institutions working in production and service sector. We also provide all kinds of academic support together with our expert teammates and we ensure that the enterprises earn added value.

  • Management Counseling

Management counseling services are offered to help your company rank first in the market competed in the face of changing needs of globalizing market and competitive market, to create the management strategies that will make you reach your vision and targets, to apply these strategies diligently and to support them with technology.

You must remember that the companies being leader in their own sectors are the ones ensuring the maximum customer and employee loyalty, valuing the participants and stakeholders, having a sustainable and competitive financial structure, working efficiently and effectively in operational terms and having high level of corporate and strategic planning.

  • Financial Management

Finance, financing and financial management are used synonymously today. Finance expresses money, fund, source or capital that individuals or institutions can benefit; financing means funding. Financial management includes not only the existence of funds, but also use of these funds.

Income stream that your company will generate in the future and the degree of risk in obtaining them determine the value of your company. Decisions related to financing affects both the size of your company's income stream in the future and the degree of risk. Finance manager is expected to establish a balance between risk and profitability in a way to maximize the market value of the company and to ensure the most appropriate change between income and risk. Establishing this balance and providing maximum value to your company in probable changes are among our primary targets as Güven Plus Group Inc.

  • Marketing Strategies

Today, one of the most important reasons for the performance of researches related to consumer behaviors and increase in the analyses directed to the perception of consumer behaviors is to improve the efficiency of marketing strategy. A modern economic marketing race occurs in an unreliable and inconsistent environment. Therefore, it is important to carry out these analyses correctly and to know whether the products and services to be offered completely satisfy the consumer demands. What matters most is to sell the product with a good marketing strategy in the simplest term. In this regard, our company offers the most suitable solutions to its customers.

  • Production Planning and Inventory Management

Production planning and inventory management express what is produced and when, how much inventory should be stocked and imply the optimization of material flow and customer demands. Production and stocking is more than a success in line with the flexible market conditions and rapidly changing customer demands, it can even be a beginning for a huge destruction if not performed accurately. This balance is ensured with the expert engineers and statistical analysts in our company, risks and concerns of you – our esteemed customers – can be minimized.

  • Lean Production and Efficiency

Lean production is a production method that doesn’t contain any unnecessary elements in which such factors as cost, stock, labor development process, production area, wastage and customer dissatisfaction are minimized. Lean production and efficiency are two complementary elements. These two elements are the primary targets of the corporate companies fighting in global markets now. All support units related to lean production that came out of the importance attached to details can be offered to you as part-time and full-time.

  • International Relations and Legal Agreements

Being a global company is one of the long-term targets of all companies. In this regard, establishing relations on international platform and keeping these relations within a legal framework have become an indispensable action for companies. If you want to be a global actor, you must establish your relations correctly and manage the legal process accurately. Otherwise, you may lose your long-term earnings in a very short time. We are always there for you with our expert team.

  • Leadership

The concept of leadership on which it has been studied from the beginning of humanity doesn’t fit in any concepts thoroughly and it cannot be explained completely. However, it leads the mechanism in which all functions of the company gather and it affects the whole process. It makes you successful or unsuccessful. Through the training programs and suggestions we – as Güven Plus Group Inc. – will offer to you, we primarily aim to ensure that you will be the leaders who make decision at the right time and right place.

  • Strategic Management

Strategy means the path to follow with the simplest definition. Strategic management expresses the definition of the steps to be taken in this path. If the target is wrong or the process has been planned incorrectly, it isn’t possible to be successful. Professional experience obtained for years isn’t enough for a correct and good management anymore. You will be ahead of your rivals thanks to an academic and expert perspective and you will be able to gain serious advantage in conditions of competition.

  • Cost Management

Cost signifies the total production factors spent to obtain a unit of product. Cost management means managing this process in the most efficient way. The questions of Do you produce in a right place? Does your supplier offer you the low-priced product? Do your employees have sufficient knowledge and skills? Are your cost items correct? will be analyzed by our company for you and the most appropriate answers and solutions will be offered to you.

  • Human Resources Management and Follow-up the Process

Human resources express the source – i.e. human – that today’s organizations have to use to reach the targets of offering service and driving profit. Human resources management contains all employees from the senior executive to the unskilled laborer in an organization. This term also implies the labor force within the organization and potential labor force that can be used. Today, the possibility of success will be low if human resources don’t have the sufficient efficiency no matter how strong the material sources are. It isn’t easy to reach the targets of efficiency and business quality with an unsatisfied labor force with low achievement motivation.

  • Intellectual Capital Management

With the basic definition, intellectual capital implies abstract savings necessary for companies to sustain their activities. This concept that couldn’t be analyzed for years due to the fact that it wasn’t uttered concretely has become a very important issue that has been studied in academic environment for 20 years. We are ready to conduct the necessary studies with our expert team for the intellectual capital of your company to be correctly revealed, registered and developed. Your rivals can outreach you in terms of tangible assets in a competitive market. But intellectual capital will provide you superiority in many fields in the long-term in increasing your profit margin and helping you to be preferred by customers with your high quality delivery of products and services.

  • Engineering Product Development

Güven Plus Group Inc. acts in line with the completely original and innovative ideas directed to needs regarding engineering and product development field. Our institution conducts the processes of product design, product development, 3-dimensional measurement, retroactive engineering, quality control, prototype production and pre-production in a systematic and coordinated way. Our services in the practices of engineering are as follows; software development and creation of productions techniques and processes for the product in engineering practices, cost analysis, market analysis of the product, advertising and promotion, product inventory management, procurement of raw material, logistics services and requirements, staff training and procurement of qualified personnel, R&D and providing financial support.

  • Setup and Improvement of the Infrastructure of Quality Management Systems

Güven Plus Group first analyzes the infrastructure and corporate management structure of institutions and enterprises. According to the analysis results, positive and negative aspects of the enterprise or institution are determined, feasibility reports are prepared accordingly and system studies of quality management are initiated. The relevant process is quickly realized after the ISO certification procedures. The required training is given by preparing necessary training programs for the relevant top management and other junior employees. Certification practices are prepared and the studies on active operation of audit and management systems are introduced. Quality system measurements are complied with certain standards. According to the results and outputs obtained, reporting systems are made to actively work and the system is completed.

First, programs are arranged in accordance with the international quality management system and standards. The required processes are quickly realized according to the results obtained after the general structure of enterprise or institution is analyzed. Official meetings and procedures necessary for the supply of international standard documents of the company are initiated and ISO certificates are obtained. Certificates of international quality management system being among the essentials of enterprises and institutions are of vital importance. Standard documents of product quality management and national and international quality standards play an important role for the service of the institution, its recognition in the commercial market and creation of a perception of higher quality. National and international standard documents provide support to enterprises and institutions for a stronger image, ensuring customer satisfaction, increase in sales volume, formation of competitive power, strengthening relations with supplier, active working between top and lower management, emphasizing cultural values, creation of the quality mentality both for the manufacturer and seller, making the processes applied comply with the certain standards, increase in efficiency and performance, maintaining efficiency and production systems actively, cost analysis and decrease in costs, creation of a more intensive group and team work.

  • Innovation

Güven Plus Group renovates the personal studies and the problems that occur in the structure of enterprises and institutions with an innovative approach, makes them appropriate for the market process and conducts the required structuring. It provides the counselees with all kinds of materials and contributes to the process by using technology and other materials depending on today’s conditions. We renovate production processes and systems as technology supported, develop marketing strategies, offer staff training, develop and restructure management systems and put them into practice. Innovation expresses the reflection of science and technology on the process in a way to create benefit for individuals, enterprises and institutions in line with the economic norms and conditions. In enterprises and institutions having the innovation approach, profitability, growth and the power of controlling capability increase, use of technology become widespread and active. It also helps decrease in costs and arrangement of analyses and reports in higher quality and systematic way. We can shortly define the process of innovation as a conversion of information and economy into benefit most effectively by using current updates.

  • Synergy

Güven Plus Group changes its own synergy into power and action together with its counselees. The importance of coalition in today’s commercial and business market is well-known. Therefore, it is obligatory for enterprises and institutions to provide Professional support in order to make their synergies more active and perceivable. This definition once considered as collective work due to the changes from past to present has become synergy – i.e. coalition and team work – today. It is observed that the enterprises and institutions with developed synergy are productive, close a deal quickly, they sustain their excitement, increase their competitive power and strengthen their human and social relations.

  • Analysis and Comparison

Enterprises and institutions have to analyze their own studies for their future and make comparison with the rival institutions and enterprises in the market. Güven Plus Group provides support regarding current structure of institutions and enterprises and collection, analysis and report of information related to the market in which they play an active role. Future structures of enterprises are improved or they are made to be more active by collecting all kinds of information related to enterprises and institutions and making compilations, analysis and comparison.

Institutions and enterprises must analyze their current status and compare themselves with other actors in order to comply with the market conditions, to renew, to ensure continuity and to obtain competitive advantage. This condition will make the passive sides of institutions and enterprises more active and help them have a voice over their expertise.