Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching

In order for athletes to develop and reach the desired performance, a systematic, time-dependent and all-purpose service is offered to athletes to help them learn coping with the problems, reach the targets set for them and their team and be successful.

  • Sports Coaching in Women

Support is provided with the coaches being expert in their field for the purposes of preparing programs according to fat, muscle other special conditions by conducting a body analysis, adding motion and health to your life, facilitating normal delivery, helping you have a healthy, happy and peaceful time in prenatal and postnatal period, smoothing the process of going back to business life and helping you have your old healthy and aesthetic appearance in a short time.

  • Sports Coaching in Men

Tailor-made services are offered to help you get rid of extra kilos, have high level of self-confidence and communication skills, and be a stronger, more flexible and athletic person.

  • Pre-school Sports Coaching

Services are offered to help children get psychomotor skills in the first developmental period, tend towards appropriate sports branches and for the development of proper movements.

  • School Terms Sports Coaching

Sports and physical activities are offered with the purpose of supporting physical development of children in school term, increasing their success in courses, establishing healthy relations within the triangle of family-club and school and improving their communication skills by making them discover their environment.

  • Sports Coaching in Old Age

The service is offered in order to minimize the orthopedic disorders that emerge with increasing age, to make a better quality of life, to get rid of slowed reflexes and fatigue and to be vigorous.

  • Sports Coaching during Rehabilitation

The service is offered to shorten the period of going back to sports for athletes who had injuries or any disorders and to ensure stronger return.