Personal Family Counseling

Personal Family Counseling

Today, some problems that occur in social life negatively affect the socio-cultural life of individuals. These problems also create negative conditions for the specific values of individuals and for the spouse and children with whom the individual spends a life together. Concerning the rehabilitation and removal of these problems, it is necessary to create specific education modules that contribute to various techniques and improvement programs. Technical and professional support is required in order to be able to apply these modules on individuals. Güven Plus Group Inc. provides all kinds of scientific, psychological and technical support to its counselees in this matter.

  • Family School

Changes in today's technology and urbanization have also affected the social structure. Family size has gradually decreased and nuclear family has become common. Changes in the family structure have largely modified the roles and responsibilities of women and men. For the family to be healthy or not depends on the socio-economic attributes, services and opportunities in the society, relations between family members and the structure of domestic dynamics. Improving the relations in the family, increasing the opportunities, galvanizing the support systems and supporting the family emotionally can be among the initiatives to be made for the family. Healthy family indicators contain mutual respect, cooperation and being responsible towards home, children and close friends. Disturbance and tension experienced in family negatively affect primarily children and all members of the family.

Our services in this field include the attitudes of parents in raising a child, adoption of basic habits, domestic communication, mentality of discipline in family, skills of conflict resolution, the role of family in increasing success, balanced nutrition and hygiene, spending qualified time with children, social media and addiction effect, protection and improvement of health for women, children, adolescents and elderly, adoption of healthy life behaviors and protection of the reproduction health.

  • Marriage Counseling

Marriage is mostly perceived as an institution considered like an agreement that will last until death, not coming together temporarily. The purpose of marriage is to share the burden, problems and joy of life together.

Our services in this field are communication and relationship management in marriage, marriage law, marriage and health and mediation.

  • Teacher Counseling for the Protection of Mental and Physical Health of Students

Thanks to our services in this field, teachers will be informed about nutrition, school age accidents, characteristics of adolescence, physical and psychological problems, exam anxiety, and adjustment disorders in adolescence. So they can guide students in a healthier way.

  • Coping with Anger

Anger is a feeling considered as the human nature experienced when we can't get what we deserve or when a person we care doesn't act in line with our expectations. Anger may come out with both inner and outer events. The feeling of anger motivates the individual towards such constructive social interactions as working on personal differences and learning to cope with the conflict. However, such behaviors as violence, aggression and bullying seen in schools negatively affect the developmental characteristics of children. It is necessary to find the sources of anger first before coping with anger. It is very important to protect students from these risks and to prevent these risks and interfere in them.

Our services in this field are the training programs on awareness, self-expression, elements that cause anger, communication with the angry person and coping with anger.