Qualified Personnel Training Services

Qualified Personnel Training Services

Güven plus group Inc. strengthens personnel structure of enterprises and organizations with the support provided by expert personnel and academicians who are engaged in scientific issues. In this context, the necessary trainings are given mainly in the areas of technology use, marketing, human resources management, management strategy, financial management, entrepreneurship, project management, financing management and budgeting, cash management, investment and R&D. Besides, top management support is provided in the areas of physiological management, strategic management, international marketing management and financial analysis and the needs are met rapidly.


Regarding the practices conducted within the scope of “Technology Product Experience Certificate (TÜR)” issued by General Directorate of Science and Technology of the Ministry Of Science, Industry and Technology of Republic of Turkey, the supports of the concerned ministry continue for this certificate which takes the place of certificate of completion. Official practices taking effect within the scope of 4734 numbered public procurement law after being published in the official gazette dated 16.08.2014 were conducted and the use of TÜR certificate instead of “Certificate of Completion” in public procurements has been activated. TÜR certificate will be valid for 5 years after it is received. The importance of this certificate has become obvious especially within the scope of application regulations of product procurement tenders as well as application and regulations of service procurement tenders.

Practices have been realized in order to provide TÜR certificate for product enterprises, manufacturing industry and service sector enterprises possessing technologic products. Getting this certificate makes difference and contribution for the enterprises producing technology and mainly for the product enterprises and service enterprises.

The advantages of establishments and organizations whose sensibility are high in terms of establishment and operation of R&D centers are too much and they also make advantage regarding public support and granting issues. Güven plus group provides professional support for its client enterprises and organizations with regard to getting TÜR certificate and establishing R&D centers.



It is a type of support with regard to supporting and responding the expenditures by the public for new designs, publicity, advertisement, marketing, employment, patent, beneficial model and industrial design registration performed by the cooperation of designer enterprises, companies, organizations and design offices in accordance with the “Design Support Notification” numbered 2008/2 of the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Turkey in order establish and extend design culture. Furthermore, within the framework of the same notification, expenditures and costs of foreign branches to be opened by enterprises, establishments, companies and firms operating within the country are also met.

There are different competitions within the notification and again, in accordance with the notification, training and living expenditures of 30 designers placed in the competitions will be met by the ministry. Similarly, all of the gross expenditures of designers, stylist and engineers working for putting new designs into practice as well as expenditures of equipment, material, software, travelling and web site needed for designs are also met and supported by the ministry.