Establishment and Structuring of R&D Centers

Establishment and Structuring of R&D Centers

Establishment of R&D centers has become indispensable and even compulsory for small and medium-sized enterprises. It has become an avoidable circumstance for the enterprises and organizations to establish R&D centers in order to be able to benefit from the contributions granted by public institutions and organizations for private sector enterprises and organizations. There are some procedures that enterprises and organizations must do for establishing and structuring R&D centers. At this point, Güven plus group provides the necessary services for the enterprises and organizations with its expert team and personnel and prepares substructure and finds solutions to the needs of enterprises and organizations.

The needs showing up as a result of application criteria and sanctions of the state government in establishing R&D centers should be met.

First of all, R&D center project should be prepared in order to establish structure of R&D center. For this purpose, a project preparing process is needed.

Güven plus group Inc., firstly, signs contract of service by coming to a pre-agreement on the issues of privacy and transparency with the establishments it is going to render service. Then, it is moved to the preparation stage of the project depending on the structure of establishment and organization and their needs for R&D center. This practice continues until the public institution grants contribution to the establishment and organization for the project.

If it is needed, academic support is received for the prepared projects of enterprises and organizations and agreements are prepared and put into practice regarding the relationship between enterprises, organizations and universities within the framework of this support. Product range, market research, sectorial assessments, advertisement, brand, patent and general process practices for export and import are carried out. These transactions are put into practice depending on privacy and transparency principles as required by the agreement. All kind of information regarding developments and works are reported and presented to the enterprises and organizations periodically. If the enterprises or organizations started process of establishing R&D center beforehand, in this situation Güven plus group takes over the current project practices of the enterprises and organizations, makes the necessary examinations and reports them. It moves on by giving the decision that the current project can or cannot be conducted according to the acquired report result.

Apart from R&D centers, we provide services such as establishing design centers needed for product enterprises, creating new manufacturing areas, searching and providing all kinds of production systems needed for the production areas to be created, performing financial studies with regard to them and if necessary, procuring and actualizing finance needed for the enterprises and organizations. 5746 system financial establishment and tracking management system is operated professionally in our all financial programs and practices. Güven plus group provides all kind of support for commencing R&D consultancy activities, providing technical assistance, putting financial structuring activities into practice, realizing tax planning and management activities for the enterprises desiring to take place within Technocity and Technopark with its expert and professional team.

Güven plus group also offers services in the area of technocity and technopark for the enterprises and organizations. All kinds of service assistances, which are needed in financial reporting, investment and production regarding the practices carried out with the cooperation of institutions and government within the framework of relationships of universities with private sector producers in which technological developments are executed, are provided professionally for the clients in academic way and with the expert supports.

The benefits to be acquired from technocities and technoparks for the enterprises and organizations are pretty much. Income tax and cooperation tax are not collected until 31.12.2023 for the earnings gained from R&D activities conducted mainly with the cooperation of universities and private sector within these areas. In addition, earnings gained from the activities such as system management, business practices, mobile systems, military control applications and software, internet, sectorial studies, data management and software are exempt from VAT (value added tax). Again, wages of expert personnel being in service within this area such as “Researcher, Software Developer and R&D personnel” are exempt from all kinds of taxes until 21.12.2023. Insurance premiums of the personnel working within the same area and 50% of employer’s share are supported within the scope of “5746” applicable law and added value is not reflected for the enterprises and organizations. A certain amount of the wages of R&D personnel being active within the same area, but the said wages are get within a process in which the personnel is working in the place outside of the main working area with the approval of the manager enterprise and organization regarding the duty is exempt from taxes. If the related ministry finds it appropriate and product manager “enterprise and organization” gives approval, the required investment permissions are taken rapidly.

Generally, when R&D centers are considered in terms of enterprises and organizations, we can say that they have an advantage with 40%. In this context, providing and putting into practice different exemptions and competition advantages guarantee sustainability by deriving long-term profit for enterprises and organizations.