Feasibility and Analyses of R&D Investments

Feasibility and Analyses of R&D Investments

First of all, a professional prototyping should be completed in order for the establishments and organizations to create a successful program before R&D works. This is a significant step for putting the project into practice commercially within the framework of R&D investment feasibility. R&D investment feasibility is an important phase of reporting in terms of public and private institutions to which establishments and organizations will apply for getting support. Furthermore, the said feasibility will raise awareness regarding where the establishments and organizations are positioned or where they should be positioned; therefore they will get the necessary reporting opportunities.

It is an obligation for the establishments to carry out some required preliminary examinations in preparing R&D investment feasibility. In line with the data to be acquired after preparing feasibility, the necessary econometric and statistical analyses are performed and it will be contributed to form programs related to the future of establishments and organizations depending on the acquired findings.

The most important factor in preparing feasibility is clearing up uncertainties, determining the eligibility of the investments in general sense, where and how these investments will be made, positive or negative returns of the investments to the point by means of the product, service or region where the investment will be made, what is going to be produced and how in terms of service or product, market research and marketing of the products to be acquired from production, what kind of strategy should be followed in terms of production and production processes, putting all of these into practice, decreasing and annihilating risks.

Preparing R&D feasibility will contribute to feasibility studies of the establishments and organizations as well as providing pre-understanding for the managers and minimizing loss of time before giving investment decisions. This will help decrease the risks of application projects in line with the data gathered from feasibility before preparing application projects and it will also be beneficial for preparing solution proposals regarding the problems that may show up in the future by determining them beforehand. Feasibility studies will be beneficial for effective working of production systems as well as many other benefits for the establishments and organizations such as brand, registration, patent, production technologies management, software, engineering practices, know-how rights, market researches, import and export procedures, cost accounting, qualified manpower, human resources management, economic processes, advertisement, financial structure of the enterprise and quality assurance control systems of the product to be manufactured or service to be rendered. Long-term plans will be put into practice more efficiently with the acquired benefits by making comprehensive analysis of the gathered data on behalf of the establishments and organizations.