R&D is defined as “Research and Development”. R&D works occupy an important place in terms of today’s establishments and organizations. R&D involves the whole of a system type put into practice by scientists and engineers possessing high-level knowledge in order to create new systems and services such as new products, tools, materials and software production by using top-level technology of the day for Establishments and Organizations. When we examine R&D activities, we can see that they involve all practices performed in order to be innovative, put into practice unique ideas and thoughts, decrease costs of establishments and organizations, acquire superiority in technology, manufacture products in international level and quality, play active role in actualizing new investments, catch the level of competitiveness and be actor within the market. R&D works and investments are the overall system on which today’s establishments and organizations focus carefully. It is also possible to see R&D as a team-work in which some establishments such as universities, state institutions and organizations and NGOs form a joint consortium and act together. It is only possible with R&D investments and works to be innovative perpetually, act in accordance with today’s conditions, decrease costs, manufacture more qualified and intensive products, acquire superiority in technology and play active role within the market.

When we examine R&D works, we can see that two types of works are conducted. These are observed as practical and theoretical works. While practical works mostly involve experimental studies conducted in laboratory settings and workshops, theoretical works are composed of practices performed by collected data about the market and field. Although applied researches involve unique research pattern realized with the newly acquired information, the situation is realized in a more specific way in basic research techniques. In short, R&D sees basic researches as goal-oriented or studies possessing more narrow application area in practice. On the other hand, when we observe experimental studies, it is seen that R&D is related with manufacturing new products and tools. R&D works for manufacturing are specified as wide-ranging works in terms of establishments and organizations. R&D may mean producer establishment’s or organization’s developing their products, increasing their quality, decreasing costs, increasing market share and enhancing their qualifications as well as suggesting a new idea or opinion. Today’s R&D works is a type of system falling into our lives depending on innovative thought system and involving practices for constantly developing establishments and organizations.

There are some systematical work forms while conducting R&D works. These are increasing, radical, basic, consistency and customer-focused works. While these works are conducted, they undergo some phases. These phases are measurement, monitoring and assessment.

While or before conducting R&D works, important characteristic features are sought for the team which will work in R&D departments. These are composed of specialists in their fields, well-trained, competent and professional engineers and scientists. When we roughly examine features of the team members working in R&D field, we can see that they possess innovative thought system, feeling of self-trust, thoughts with independent and unique preferences. When we observe the investments of establishments and organizations in R&D field, we can see that these are generally investments for team members; in short, it is investment in knowledge. Team members of R&D are generally well-qualified individuals; therefore the personnel joining the team should be rewarded with the most satisfactory way both financially and emotionally.

Establishments and organizations carry out some assessments and practices before making R&D investments. The establishment and organization which are going to make R&D investments evaluate the rate of benefit to be acquired from this R&D investment. For this purpose, some formulas are used. This formula is the effect of total expenditure amount to be made for R&D, total amount of income after this expenditure is made, total expenditures made for R&D and the new product and service to be produced after R&D to grand total income.

R&D contributes for the establishments and organizations to possess more economic potential and to take place among the market actors in direct proportion with this potential. Public establishments support inventions, manufactured goods, designs and projects that will provide benefit for the public and be useful for the public economy in terms of added-value. Establishments and organizations which are active in this issue provide support for the other establishments and organizations in collaboration with private or public universities acting in accordance with the public benefits. Cost burdens of establishments and organizations are decreased by getting public grants in manufactured products and new systems which provide public benefits. Private sector actors are strengthened by supporting them under the names of different projects of public institutions and organizations in order to encourage private sector to be more engaged in activities. These supports which are provided by the government cause more employment opportunities and contribute to national income as well as carrying industry of the country to upper levels by competing with other industrialized world countries. The projects showing up and put into practice after R&D works enable a country possess the opportunities and possibilities to compete with other world countries.



It is our main ambition to provide effective project management for our clients and respond in a fastest and efficient way after determining the demanded needs.

Firstly, we get information from our clients who demand R&D consultancy service about the content of the work and the applied projects that our clients want to conduct; then technical and financial feasibilities are formed.

The required information is analyzed and reported by examining general structure of the establishment and organization. Some analysis techniques are used while conducting reporting. These are mainly SWOT analysis, market research data, examining and reporting information regarding the assets of establishment and organization and finally establishing a system that can be converted by the experts depending on the abovementioned phases. Following these processes, the necessary working process is commenced by giving the most effective and right decision for the establishment and organization. This process may differ depending on the work to be conducted.

Determining, analyzing and reporting needs correctly will contribute to the most productive result in terms of the work to be conducted. Thus, Güven plus group gives importance to an effective project management with its expert team and personnel. It renders all the services with its clients in terms of privacy and public transparency. Price policy is determined mutually for the projects created for its clients and this policy differs depending on the benefit to be acquired. Our whole project works and services are conducted depending on the mutual agreements and contracts. The agreements and contracts are made by legal advisers of our company in accordance with the laws and provisions of Republic of Turkey. The contracts are binding for both parties. Our purpose is to provide the upmost benefit and create added-value for both parties.



R&D incentive and investment services are evaluated in many different areas within its own body. Güven plus group provides professional support in the needed areas for its clients with its expert personnel and team. Our clients may also request for more general information about the incentives and services physically.

  • R&D Incentives
  • R&D Central Structuring
  • EU Assistances
  • Technocity and Technopark Services
  • Investment Incentives and Documentations
  • Public Accountant Services
  • Legal and Commercial Agreement Services
  • R&D Innovation Services
  • R&D Investment Process Services
  • R&D Project Development Services
  • Development Agency Services
  • SMIDO (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization) Grants and Process Services
  • Foreign Trade Trainings and Services
  • Financial Support and Training Services
  • University –Industry Collaboration Services



Güven plus group primarily conducts market research for its clients and then functionally analyzes the information regarding its clients by collecting this data correctly and strategically. After the analysis, the acquired information is reported and strong and weak aspects of the firm are determined.

Performing project designs of our clients, putting into practice their project thoughts which are at the idea stage, designing projects and preparing the internal process by working client-oriented with our expert personnel and team, then putting all the proceedings into practice rapidly are among the services we provide for our clients.

New product designs are carried out, promotion of the product is enabled by analyzing the market and practices for bringing efficient aspects into the forefront are made by acquiring the necessary information in this area.

Proceedings with regard to procuring qualified personnel by directing them for Human Resources management, giving the most appropriate decision by conducting meetings and putting these into practice are performed. It is sought for financial needs on behalf of establishments and organizations and the most appropriate credit type is found; therefore benefit and added-value are ensured.

Fieldworks, applications, official and non-official meetings with other enterprises and institutions are conducted; international merchandizing, raw material procurement and strategic works regarding marketing are performed for the clients.